Our Corporate Information

Our company, serving as Levossa Shoes in Turkey Konya Karatay, stands out with its wide product range and quality services. We are the choice of those who do not compromise their style by producing solutions suitable for every style and budget.

We carry our years of knowledge and experience to each passing day, and we produce solutions that are suitable for the age and fashion.

First of all, the most important in this life is hygiene and health.

Our company is proud to give you hygiene and health quality. Our company serves you for 4 seasons.

Konya field from the first moment we set off in Turkey Our company who designed the shoe industry almost from scratch, thanks to the mutual loyalty that it has established with its customers appeals to more people every day.

We are proud of bringing our products together with more users and the positive feedback we receive. We accept our achievements as an element of motivation for ourselves, and always strive to remain the best in the area where we are the best. We make all our customers feel privileged and worthy of everything and offer the pleasure of shopping they miss.

As a company, our priority has always been to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.

For this, we analyze the needs of our customers in the most accurate way and fill our sections with the most needed and demanded shoe models.

100% Customer Satisfaction
Office: +90(332) 346 2121

Phone: +90(533) 156 7284

We attach great importance to aesthetic, healthy and useful products.

We closely follow the developments in the industry and offer the most trendy models at world standards.

Turkey Konya We offer shoe models, wholesale shoe sales, sandals models, men's and women's shoes models and much more. We offer discounted, campaign and affordable shopping opportunities in all our products without compromising on quality.